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The rise of the professionall class

Multiple personality used to be an illness, now it's a positive asset and increasingly a career choice.
Strikes me that most of the people I know that are doing really well during this down-turn do not work for a single employer or have a single income. Most of them have multiple revenue streams and have diversified their career to match their diversified interests. Not only does this seem to be a sensible strategy for the immediate short term it also seems like a sensible strategy for a more satisfying life. No longer do you have to choose between your personal interests and your professional career. You can have your cake and sell it too. I've been trying to think of a great Marian Salzman type name for this career choice. Some people call themselves "Slashers" because of the way that these people answer the "occupation" question e.g. writer/entrepreneur/homesteader/web 2.0 architect. Although, maybe it's an English thing but "slashing" has a totally different meaning. My best attempt at a name is to call them the 'professionall classes' because it really does seem to be a new class of career choice that seems to have it all and do it all.

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