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5 new recession hacks

  1. Start a "support local business" movement or even a implement a social currency between local businesses/customers that trades support and rewards 'local loyalty'.
    Never before has supporting local business been so fashionable. Not only is it environmentally responsible (carbon footprint and all that) but supporting a local business in a recession is crucial to maintaining a strong and prosperous local community. If your immediate community is prosperous then it is likely that you can be prosperous too. Create campaigns to only spend locally on local produce and businesses. Encourage supporting small businesses or big local employers. This does not need to be just retailers, food and product manufactures. Many service companies have local alternative suppliers. If you are really motivated you could also try creating a locally recognized social currency (sort of like a widely recognized reward scheme). There have been many historic successes with this as a strategy for ensuring survival in a recession. (see example of Worgl in Austria 1936 - Here) or check out Timebanks.

  2. Promote products and services with promo codes
    There are many really active coupon chasers out there and most direct mail responses come from these people. Thanks to the Internet there is practically no need to go to the expense of mailing customers or even creating promotional materials any more as the coupon chasers are out there looking and wouldn't dream of not checking out one of the promo code sites before they buy. So if you've got a promo, or even simply want to drive some business then simply submit a made up promotion and promotion code to one of the sites like or and watch the responses roll in. (You will have to honor the deal you describe but at least you didn't have to incur the cost of marketing it).

  3. Become a producer not just a consumer
    "Urban homesteading" is on the rise (and it's not like the British TV show "The Good Life" - If you've never seen it check out here). You will be amazed at how many things we have been taught to consume which we can easily produce. Whether it is simply recycling materials to other uses, baking bread, growing tomatoes in window box, keeping a yogurt culture or a bee hive there are many things you can make yourself without too much effort. As a resource we love Homegrown

  4. Google Adsense
    If you have any ability to attract people to the stuff you write, this is a great way to earn some extra cash. Get paid by google for serving ads to your content or site. The more traffic and clicks you get the more you get paid.

  5. Micro donations through Paypal
    Like Wikipedia many sites are supported by donations. Paypal have an easy to add button that allows you to get donations from appreciative readers of the content you create. If we create more of a culture of mutual support for content we value then there is a good chance we will be able to support our own initiatives through donations.

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